New Fast Company App & The Next Version of DPS

Nick Bogaty spricht über die Zukunft von Adobe DPS:


Today Fast Company, in partnership with Adobe, launched a new app for iPhone and iPad that showcases our vision for a brand new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) that will be released in summer 2015. We approached Fast Company a year ago because we wanted a partner to design an app that, quite simply, we love to use.

Fast Company was an ideal partner. They are nimble. They have a great magazine and terrific web properties. Their web and print teams work closely together and the opportunity to integrate these properties into something new for mobile was hugely appealing. We knew that they would challenge us to refine our vision for the next version of our product.

Early results from the app beta period are exciting. 75% were likely to recommend the app to a friend and 64% used the iPhone as their primary access point to the content. To engage readers more FastCo adjusted their editorial processes to offer readers a fresh set of content in the app every day and 80% of beta users preferred this approach over a monthly issue.

The written comments from beta participants were equally exciting:

“Best mobile magazine experience I’ve had. Clean, simple and very well thought out. Quickly became one of my favorite apps.”

“I never knew that this is how I want to read a „magazine“. I love that it pulls together the streams of content into one well designed package.  This is the future of periodicals.”

So, what does this mean for the future of DPS? In the summer of 2015, we will release a new and ambitious version of DPS built from the ground up to enable a whole new world of mobile experiences. We’ll deliver modern app viewers across major mobile platforms; services to allow for continuous mobile publishing via an article-based approach; integration with authoring tools from Adobe and third-parties; new options to allow for things like all-access subscriptions; easy integration with enterprise entitlement systems; robust APIs for third party developers; and new native social features.

When we launch, you will be able to use both the existing DPS product and the new version. New customers to DPS will have access to both versions. We will provide a robust set of migration tools for customers who want to transfer content from the existing DPS product to the new version.

Our product and engineering teams are working hard to bring the next version of DPS to life. We can’t wait to hear what you think and to see what you make with the exciting new capabilities coming to DPS.

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Thanks, Nick